Classic Mid-Engine Bus Restorations And Custom Designs For Summer Road Trips

If you want the best solution for your summer road trips, a mid-engine bus can be a fun restoration project. These vehicles give you a variety of options for customizations and features to make your summer travels a blast. The following mid-engine restoration and customization ideas will help you create the ultimate road trip machine:

  • Restoring original bus parts—The original parts for your mid-engine bus are often difficult to find spares for. Therefore, you want to restore as many parts as possible. It is a good idea to start with the exterior of your bus and dismantle all the parts. You want to remove and clean all the parts to restore them to their original condition. You can sandblast the paint and finish off of the metal to start priming all the parts. Paint any part that is exposed with a metal primer that protects against corrosion. For parts that wear out more and move, grease them with an oil mixture to protect them from corrosion.
  • Adapting parts for customizations—The custom features you are planning for your bus may not work with all the original parts. Therefore, there is going to be work to be done to adapt the parts to your needs. One of the options that you may want to consider is saving most of the original parts and buying VW bus parts for the customizations. This will allow you to preserve all the original parts to your vehicle, but still give it a custom design.
  • Interior customizations for comfort—The interior of your classic bus is where you will want to have the most customizations. Therefore, you will want to remove everything from the interior of your bus completely. Make sure to get everything down to the sheet metal. If there are any parts in the interior that have rusted through, replace them with new parts for better quality restorations.
  • Upgrades to mechanical systems and wiring—The wiring in your bus should all be replaced when doing a custom restoration. This gives you an opportunity to wire for features like interior lighting, modern electronics, and other technology. In addition, you may want to update mechanical systems like the engine with modern fuel injection. These improvements will make your classic mid-engine bus more reliable for summer traveling.

These are some of the things that you can do to create the ultimate road trip vehicle with your mid-engine bus restoration project. If you are ready to start custom restorations for road trip vehicle, contact a type 2 VW bus parts supplier to get the pieces you need to complete your project.