Ford Tractor And Truck Restorations To Create A Matching Pair For Shows And Festivals

If you want to restore an antique tractor, having a truck that matches can be rewarding. The truck and tractor combo can also give you the interchangeable parts you need for restorations and repairs. The real challenge in restoring a matching truck and antique tractor will be getting the right parts. The following truck and tractor restoration tips and tricks will help you get ready for shows and festivals:

  • Finding the right parts vehicles—The right parts is important, which is why you will want to look for parts vehicles, tractors, and equipment. These can be models that were manufactured around the same year and have similar parts that can be used on both the truck and tractor. If you have enough space, it is a good idea to store these parts vehicles for repairs that you will need to do after your project is completed.
  • Use models with interchangeable parts—One of the great things about restoring a truck and tractor is parts can be interchangeable. To do this, you want to look for features like the same engine or other parts from the same years or generations of truck and tractor models. You can even use a similar engine in the truck that you are restoring.
  • Restore and repaint parts wherever possible—Doing much of the restoration work yourself can be a rewarding experience and will make it easier to do repairs later. Therefore, you will want to disassemble the tractor and truck to rebuild the parts. When you are finishing parts, you can paint them matching colors to ensure the pair look like they belong together when you drive them to an auto show or agricultural festival.
  • Find the right rebuild or replica replacement parts—When there are parts that you cannot restore or find at the parts store, you are going to need other resources. Your first option is to buy the rebuilt truck and tractor parts to complete the repairs for your restoration. There are also specialized services that supply rare replica parts for antique tractors and agricultural equipment, which is where you may need to get some of the parts to completely restore an old tractor. These replica parts are exact matches to original parts to make your restorations look authentic. 

If you want to have the ultimate pair of antiques for shows, a matching truck and tractor will be a rewarding project. To get the parts you need for these projects, contact an antique Ford tractor engine parts supplier.