5 Features To Look For In The Best Mountable Snowplow

While walk-behind snowplows can definitely serve their useful purposes, sometimes, you may need a snowplow that will not require your manual input to work. Mountable snowplows, which can be mounted on the front of a truck, all-terrain vehicle, or an SUV, give you more scraping power while requiring less physical labor from you. While valuable, not every mountable snowplow you come across will offer the same level of functionality. Check out a few of the most important factors to look for in a mountable snowplow for your vehicle. 

1. Fast and Simple Installation Process 

Installing a snowplow on your vehicle should not be an arduous task or require a professional's help to complete. The best models will offer simplified installation techniques with few tools required to complete the process. For example, some snowplows have basic brackets that slip into place on your vehicle's undercarriage and will require only heavy-duty bolts to hold in place. 

2. Rotating Pivot Bar or Floating Frame for Automated Alignment 

As you are using the plow with your vehicle, you will need to know the blade is slipping over whatever surface it is you are plowing without putting stress on the frame of your vehicle. A rotating pivot bar or floating frame will ensure this is the case. As the plow is lowered onto the terrain, the floating frame system or rotating pivot bar allows the plow to simply level itself to align with your vehicle. 

3. Straightforward Attachment and Detachment Processes 

When the snow season is over and you intend to use your vehicle for other purposes, removing the snowplow should be easy to achieve. Look for a snowplow that can be taken off and put back on quickly. The mounting hardware should also be quick and easy to remove. 

4. Rugged Build for Reliable Durability 

Steel rods to support the frame, pressure-relief valves, shock absorbers — each of these features are good signs of a well-built snowplow. You definitely don't have to invest in the most expensive unit to get lasting power. However, you should examine the quality of the build. 

5. Easy Automated Maneuverability 

When you attach a snowplow to your vehicle, you are likely trying to escape having to be out in the snow to make the plow work. Therefore, snowplow models with good automated features tend to be the better investment. For instance, some plows offer simple electrical controls that can be mounted inside your vehicle that control the hydraulic lifting and lowering functions of the plow. 

For more information about different snowplows, like Western Ultramount Snowplow, contact a local dealer.