Understanding Marine Batteries So You Get the Right One for Your Boat

Marine batteries are made specifically for use in wet environments and take more abuse than a standard car battery can. When you need a new battery for your boat, there are some things you need to know about the batteries. Not all marine batteries are the same, so selecting the right one for your needs is essential.

Battery Voltage

When you begin looking for marine batteries, you may find batteries that have six, twelve, or sometimes twenty-four volts, and the battery needs to match the electrical requirements for the boat. Many times the simplest way to ensure you have the battery for your system is to take the old one to a marine battery supply and have them match it up with a new one for you.

In some situations, you can use two twelve-volt marine batteries in series to get twenty-four volts, but you may not have the physical space in the boat for the additional battery. Matching the original to a new battery is the best solution. If the exact model is no longer made, the associate at the marine battery supply should have the knowledge to help you find one that will fit and has the correct voltage for your needs. 

Deep Cycle Or Not

When you are looking for marine batteries, there are two main battery types that are used in boats, a starting battery for the engine that is similar to the one in your car and a deep cycle battery designed to store power to supply lights, trolling motors, and pumps used on the boat. The deep cycle marine batteries do not provide a large amount of power for starting an engine. Still, they can store enough electricity to keep lights and other accessories inside the boat on for several days. If the battery you need to replace is used for starting your boat engine, do not replace it with a deep cycle battery. You may be able to start the engine a few times with it, but the high power draw that the starter motor needs will damage the battery over time. 

It is also essential that the starting battery is a marine battery because they are sealed and reinforced inside for the extra vibration and pounding that happens when underway in a boat. The marine battery supply should be able to provide both battery types for you if you are replacing both batteries. 

For more information, contact a local auto parts store for boat batteries.