3 Reasons Not To Scrap Your Car Yourself

The idea of breaking down an old junk car for parts can be tempting. After all, there's unquestionably more value in the car's components than its scrap metal, even for an old beater that doesn't run. Unfortunately, tearing down your car piece by piece may not be the best idea in many cases, especially compared to calling up a junk buyer and getting cash on the spot.

If you're still thinking about taking this approach to make a few extra bucks, consider these three reasons why you may want to avoid the hassle and just junk that old car instead.

1. You Don't Want a Project

Turning an old junk car into a pile of valuable parts isn't a straightforward process. Even if you're a seasoned backyard mechanic, you may still be biting off more than you can chew. Many of the most valuable components, such as the transmission and differential, require substantial effort to reach and remove.

If you're looking for a long-term project, then pulling these parts from your old car may be a fun way to spend the next several months. Unfortunately, the time/value ratio may not work out in your favor, and you may find that you're putting far more work into the project than its dollar value. If your primary goal is to bring in money, contacting a cash buyer may be your best bet.

2. Fluids Are No Fun

Your old car contains plenty of fluids that you'll need to deal with if you're leaving it on your property for an extended period. Hoses and gaskets can age and wear out even if you aren't driving the car. As these parts fail, they can leak environmentally-unfriendly fluids onto your lawn, leaving with a messy clean-up project.

Even if you plan to drain all the fluids from your old car, you'll still need to deal with properly storing and disposing of the oils and other hazardous chemicals you take out. This process can eat up even more time and effort, ultimately making your scrapping project that much less valuable. On the other hand, junk car buyers know how to deal with these fluids in a safe, efficient, and environmentally-friendly way.

3. You Don't Have the Space

It's easy to imagine that you'll pull those valuable parts from your car and immediately sell them on the secondhand market. Unfortunately, reality often means that you'll be sitting on much of your merchandise for more than just a few days. Parting out an old junker often means transferring it piece-by-piece from your driveway and into your house.

If you don't have the space to store plenty of extra parts, you can quickly find yourself overwhelmed with components that you're still waiting to sell. Unless you desperately need the extra cash, it's generally much more convenient to enjoy an easy payday and let a scrap buyer handle the details of stripping your old car down for parts.

Reach out to a cash for cars service for assistance in getting rid of your junk car.