Where To Look For Parts For Your Heavy Equipment

Wear and tear on your heavy equipment is normal, but it can mean breakdowns when working in the field. Finding the heavy equipment parts you need quickly and getting the equipment running again is critical, and knowing where to find the replacement parts you need is an excellent place to start. 

New Parts

If you are in an area where an equipment dealer is located, you may be able to go to the shop and buy the parts you need at the heavy equipment parts counter. Often the dealer will stock parts that commonly wear out in their inventory, and you may be able to pick the part up right away. 

Some dealers will also deliver the parts to you if you are close by, and if they have a mobile service technician available, they may even come and install the parts to get your heavy equipment back up and running quickly. New parts are often the most expensive option, but they typically come with a warranty. So if the new part fails prematurely, you won't be left paying for it again.

Equipment Parts Dealers

Some heavy equipment parts dealers operate a lot like car parts stores and stock equipment parts for many different equipment brands. Often these shops will have replacement parts from third-party manufacturers that will fit your equipment and are lower priced than the factory replacements.

If you are looking for a part quickly, or if there is no dealer near you, these shops are an excellent option, and some of them will have factory parts on hand. Replacement parts made by aftermarket vendors are typically good parts. However, they may not have the same warranty as factory replacement heavy equipment parts, so it is vital to understand what you are getting when purchasing them. 

Used Parts

There is a used parts market for heavy equipment parts, but there are limited numbers of heavy equipment salvage yards to buy parts from, so purchasing used parts may be challenging. If you happen to have a salvage yard near you that offers heavy equipment parts, you may be able to buy the parts you need from them at a significant discount. 

Keep in mind that used parts are often sold without any warranty, and they are coming out of a machine that may already have a lot of work hours on it. If you buy used heavy equipment parts for your equipment, inspect the parts carefully before purchasing them. Inspection ensures you are getting a part that still has some life in it and will work correctly on your heavy equipment or machine.