Ford Tractor And Truck Restorations To Create A Matching Pair For Shows And Festivals

If you want to restore an antique tractor, having a truck that matches can be rewarding. The truck and tractor combo can also give you the interchangeable parts you need for restorations and repairs. The real challenge in restoring a matching truck and antique tractor will be getting the right parts. The following truck and tractor restoration tips and tricks will help you get ready for shows and festivals: Finding the right parts vehicles—The right parts is important, which is why you will want to look for parts vehicles, tractors, and equipment.

Classic Mid-Engine Bus Restorations And Custom Designs For Summer Road Trips

If you want the best solution for your summer road trips, a mid-engine bus can be a fun restoration project. These vehicles give you a variety of options for customizations and features to make your summer travels a blast. The following mid-engine restoration and customization ideas will help you create the ultimate road trip machine: Restoring original bus parts—The original parts for your mid-engine bus are often difficult to find spares for.

Motors For Your Diesel Truck

If you need to replace the motor in your diesel truck, then you will have a decision to make with regards to the motor you choose to buy. You are going to need to consider things like the budget you have to work with and which motor will end up giving you the best motor for the price you can afford. In many cases, people will decide to go with a remanufactured diesel motor, and you may want to as well.

Types Of Car Air Conditioning Hoses

If you suspect your car's air conditioning system is leaking, some of the primary components to check are the hoses. Hoses are considered wear parts, so they aren't meant to last for the lifespan of the car. Before you go out and buy new air conditioning hoses for your car, it's important to understand the type of hoses your particular make, model, and year that your vehicle needs. Your Car's Air Conditioning System

3 Good Reasons to Buy Used Tires When You're on a Tight Budget

Is money tight right now? Do you need your vehicle to get around but you're not sure how you're going to pay to keep it maintained? Some expenses can be calculated with relative ease when it comes to keeping your vehicle running, such as fuel expenses and regular oil changes. There are other expenses, such as needing to replace a tire suddenly, that can throw off your entire budget. Thankfully, it doesn't have to be like this.